Top 100 benefits of Sudarshan Kriya everyone should know

100 benefits of sudarshan kriya

Sudarshan Kriya is a unique breathing practice that involves cyclical breathing patterns that range from slow and calming to rapid and stimulating which has amazing health benefits. Let’s talk about the top 30 benefits of Sudarshan Kriya.

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Top 100 benefits of Sudarshan Kriya

  • Detoxification: The body neutralizes or eliminates toxins via the liver, kidneys, intestines, skin, and lungs. The toxins that the body is unable to eliminate are usually stored in fat tissues and bones. Through this strong and rhythmic Sudarshan kriya breathing technique, we are able to remove the toxins from each and every cell of the body through the lungs which leads to deep purification.
  • Manage ADHD Symptoms: Many pieces of evidence have revealed that mindfulness meditations, pranayama, and breathing kriyas are very effective in managing ADHD symptoms.
  • Alzheimer’s is not curable, but current research suggests that yoga and meditation may play a role in preventing and improving symptoms of progressive illness, which is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. Studies have proven that the memory loss symptoms of Alzheimer’s can be reduced by yoga and meditation. This is a benefit of Sudarshan kriya, in which after the kriya we enter into a relaxed, meditative state.
  • A study published in September 2017, has a beneficial effect on cardiac autonomic tone, and psychophysiological relaxation. It may serve as a tool to improve heart health.
  • Breathing meditation and pranayama-based techniques like Sudarshan kriya are very beneficial in decreasing the symptoms of Autism. It is very beneficial for increasing the concentration and behavioral response of children.
  • Research published in Jan 2013, revealed that Sudarshan kriya is very beneficial in people suffering from Asthma and asthma attacks.
  • Also, Sudarshan kriya is very beneficial for people suffering from Bronchitis. It increases lung capacity and helps fight lung inflammation and infection.
  • As we are already aware of the benefits of Sudarshan kriya in the detoxification process. Once we detoxify the body, our body produces a lot of antioxidants which ultimately reduce the risk of cancer from the body.
  • Sudarshan kriya is very beneficial to boost metabolism. It can help in weight loss in people suffering from obesity.
  • It is scientifically proven that Sudarshan kriya can boost our immunity by increasing the number of antioxidants in the body. It cleans the internal body organs and detoxifies each and every cell of the body which boosts immunity and helps fight infection.
  • One out of 10 people in the U.S. is suffering from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder). In India, Pranayam has been practiced widely with encouraging results in people with COPD. Pranayam is a useful adjuvant treatment and rehab measure for people with COPD. Hence, Sudarshan kriya could be very beneficial.
  •  A study conducted in 2012, revealed that Sudarshan kriya has shown wonderful results in people suffering from covid-19 and also it boosted the recovery of patients who just recovered from covid.
  • The benefits of Sudarshan kriya are amazing for people suffering from diabetes. In a recent study, SKY practice by 87 types 2 diabetics resulted in reductions in oxidative stress, total cholesterol, and fasting glucose levels immediately after the session of Sudarshan Kriya.
  • The results show that yoga lowers blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and cholesterol levels. The mean blood pressure shows a significant reduction after 3 months of yoga practice. Also, there is a significant improvement in the lipid profile and blood pressure after 3 months of yoga practice.
  • Today, infertility is one of the leading health problems around the globe, which is a  result of the contribution of many factors such as stress, alcohol drinking, smoking, bad lifestyle, accumulation of toxins in the body, and bad blood circulation to the reproductive organs in the body. Sudarshan kriya is very helpful in reducing stress and boosts blood circulation in the body organs which over time can boost fertility.
  • Sudarshan kriya is amazing to reduce acne and pimples and brings a healthy glow to the skin by detoxifying the body and boosting blood circulation to the skin.
  • Sore throat is a common problem experienced by many of us in our life. Sore throat included ujjayi swas which cleanses the throat and clears out tonsils. It will also help get rid of tonsil stones over time which appear as white hard patches inside the throat.
  • Many people have reported that their sinus problem just vanished after 90 days of continued Sudarshan kriya which has bothered them for years.
  • Sudarshan kriya when practiced along with many yoga poses is known to balance hormones very effectively, and hence it can help balance thyroid disorders.
  • Upper respiratory tract infection can be cured effectively by Sudarshan kriya and it helps fight infections.
  • Sudarshan kriya includes many stages, such as pranayam counts, om chanting, and the kriya. So, sitting in Vajraasana for 33 minutes while performing pranayama can strengthen the uterus of many females and hence reduce the symptoms of Uterine prolapse.
  • Nowadays one in 5 females is suffering from PCOD. PCOD is generally a result of bad food habits and an unhealthy lifestyle. A female suffering from PCOD experiences a lot of mood swings, which can be balanced by SKY. This is an amazing benefit of Sudarshan kriya that it helps to balance frequent mood swings and keeps the mind calm and relaxed.
  • As we read above, by detoxification of each and every cell of the body, we can balance our hormones. Abnormal hormones can result in uterine polyps, endometriosis, and infertility. These problems can be overcome with the help of Sudarshan kriya.
  • SKY can also help regulate the menstrual cycle in females.
  • According to a study published in May 2021, concluded that Sudarshan kriya was amazing for people suffering from insomnia or sleep disorders.
  • Many people across the globe breathe the wrong way which leads to indigestions and acid reflux. People suffering from GI symptoms can benefit from diaphragmatic breathing: Activating the diaphragm creates gentle pressure on internal organs such as the intestines and stomach, reducing stomach pain, bloating, and constipation. Sudarshan kriya promotes diaphragm breathing which can offer many health benefits.
  • A study done in Italy found Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY) to be effective in alleviating both clinical and non-clinical anxiety in patients suffering from depression. Additionally, patients who weren’t taking a drug maintained similar results to patients who were taking it. And, the results persisted for six months, showing it couldn’t be a placebo effect.
  • Sudarshan Kriya has been found to be effective in alleviating symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, trauma, and bipolar disorder.
  • Sudarshan kriya boosts blood circulation in the body and organs and hence, reduces hair fall. It is also helpful for people suffering from Migraine issues.
  • Sudarshan kriya is very effective in anger management. It is very beneficial for people suffering from any bad symptoms.
  • It is also evident that Sudarshan kriya helps to lower blood cholesterol levels. Drop-in cholesterol levels, lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Many females have reported a decrease in pre-menstrual syndrome after starting practicing Sudarshan kriya on regular basis.
  • It helps your body to increase mind and body relaxation.
  • It balances the level of Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEAS in the body. Whenever DHEAS is higher in the body it increases the risk of cancer and when it is low people experience hormone imbalance symptoms. Moreover, the level of DHEAS should be in a balanced state.
  • Some people experience excessive sweating which is known as Diaphoresis in medical terms. If someone does Sudarshan kriya on regular basis he or she might not experience an excessive sweating problem.
  • Many people suffer from fewer confidence problems throughout their life due to which they lose a lot of opportunities in their life. Sudarshan kriya will help these people to boost their confidence level by boosting the levels of the happy hormones in the body.
  • Sudarshan kriya is very effective in relieving phobias and fears that they carry during their lifetimes.
  • If we discuss the top 100 benefits of Sudarshan Kriya, then an increase in creativity is one of the major benefits of this kriya.
  • Nowadays due to changes in lifestyle and hectic schedules people experience a lot of emotional issues. Due to this their relationships also suffer. Sudarshan kriya helps to provide mental stability to the people. You will experience that your relationship with family members and colleagues at work will start improving.
  • It helps you to express your thought and emotions better and will be able to communicate your thoughts with others.
  • Do you know? As we age our brains also age, which affects our brain function. Aging of the brain causes loss of memory and difficulty learning new things, multitasking becomes difficult, and difficulty in remembering names and numbers. Sudarshan Kriya decreases the speed at which the brain ages.
  • You might have experienced, that it is easy to form bad habits and difficult to get rid of them. But, do you know? Sudarshan kriya when practiced on a regular basis helps to increase your willpower and get rid of bad habits.
  • It is actually very helpful for people who want to quit smoking, alcohol, and any kind of addiction.
  • Some people want to achieve their goals in life but are unable to do it because their brain easily gets exhausted. Practicing this yogic kriya on regular basis will help boost your productivity throughout the day.
  • Increases sense of responsibility: Nowadays, people do not want to take responsibility, especially teenagers. Practicing this kriya will help them improve their sense of responsibility.
  • Also, it decreases restless thinking, which is the cause of all the stress and worry.
  • In this modern selfish world, people have lost empathy and compassion for each other. Increases listening skills and empathy.
  •  Do you know? The maximum problem in our lives is due to a lack of right judgment and observation which will result in a bad decision. Don’t you think if we could make the right decision at the right time, 90% of the problems in our life will be resolved? Sudarshan kriya will help you improve decision making and it will ultimately result in happy and satisfied life.
  • Gives composure to act in considered & constructive ways. Grows a stable, more balanced personality. Develops emotional maturity.
  • It boosts your energy level throughout the day.
  • Helps to fight insomnia.
  • Sudarshan kriya practice will enhance your attraction.


  • Sudarshan kriya is very helpful in your spiritual growth it helps keep things in perspective.
  • It provides peace of mind and happiness which has nothing to do with the materialistic things in life.
  • You might wonder, who is the creation of this universe and why you are on this earth. So regular practice of Sudarshan kriya will deepen your state of confidence and helps you discover your purpose.
  • Also, it is very helpful in increasing your self-actualization.
  • Increased compassion.
  • Wisdom is very important if you want to attain peace and knowledge in your life.
  • Practicing Sudarshan kriya on regular basis will deepen your understanding of yourself and others.
  • It purifies your aura and will increase your attraction.
  • Brings body, mind, and spirit in harmony.
  • It helps to deepen the level of spiritual relaxation.
  • Increased acceptance of oneself.
  • Do you know? The cause of suffering in today’s world is that people are not able to forever anyone. Also, it helps to learn forgiveness.
  • Changes attitude toward life.
  • Creates a deeper relationship with your God.
  • As we all know that ultimate goal of human beings is to attain enlightenment, and regular practice of this kriya will activate your third eye.
  • Greater inner-directedness.
  • Helps to live in the present moment.
  • Creates a widening, deepening capacity for love.
  • Discovery of the power and consciousness beyond the ego.
  • Experience an inner sense of “Assurance or Knowingness”
  • Experience a sense of “Oneness”
  • Increases the synchronicity in your life

So, there were some amazing 100 benefits of Sudarshan Kriya, and I am sure it might have blown your mind.

What are toxins? And how do they affect our overall health?

Do you know? Today, the most common reason for diseases is toxins which are a result of stress, a sedentary lifestyle, and unhealthy food habits. It is very important to release toxins in the body to live healthy lives. The body can be detoxified in many ways, but some are difficult to follow. Sudarshan kriya, in my opinion, is the most convenient and simple method to remain healthy and detoxified in this busy world.

The toxic substances we encounter in our environment may come from food, water, cleaning products, or other sources. When toxins accumulate in the body, they may become poisonous, potentially causing damage to vital systems and organs. Toxic overload is widely recognized as one of the highest health risks since these toxins enter our bodies by ingestion (preservatives, additives, and contaminated food), inhalation (pollutants in the air we breathe), and absorption (through the skin and eyes). As a result of poor digestion and elimination, autointoxication occurs internally, which leads to the production of toxins by your own body.

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