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Top 5 Supplements for glowing skin I Debina Bonnerjee decodes on her YouTube Channel

37-year-old Bengali beauty, Debina Bonnerjee who played the role of Sita in the television series Ramayana in 2008 revealed the secret of her glowing skin on her YouTube Channel. She is very conscious about her health and never forgets to take care of her diet and exercise. She has been honest with her viewers about the health supplements and products she uses for her glowing skin and maintaining good health.

1. Green tea and green tea supplements

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Debina says ” I never drink tea because it contains a combination of sugar and milk which is bad for your health. But instead, I prefer to drink green tea with mild warm water. Whenever I am at home or on a shoot, you will always see me with a cup of green tea because it contains a lot of antioxidants which boosts your immune system and provides you a healthy glow. Sometimes when I am out of the country or traveling I prefer to take green tea supplements which works equally well for me.

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According to a research 1 published in 2008 in the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Green tea is rich in polyphenols and flavonoids. It contains antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress and boosts the skin repair process. Green tea is very useful for diabetes, liver disease (detoxifies liver), heart disease (reduce plaque formation), skin disorders, hair loss, etc.

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2. Biotin

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Debina says, ” As green tea is good for your skin, in the same way, Biotin works very well for skin, hair, and nails. Nowadays, the environment is full of harmful pollutants mixed in the air which affects our skin and hair a lot. Also, people who work out may experience sweating in their scalp which leads to hair fall and brittle hairs. I recommended taking 1-2 capsules of biotin once a day 500-200 mcg to achieve great results.

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Biotin is also known as B-7 and Vitamin H which is a water-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in strengthening hair, nails, and skin repair. However, Biotin deficiency is very uncommon. Study2 was conducted in 2017 on 18 patients suffering from various skin and hair conditions to test the effect of oral Biotin supplements resulted in significant improvement in their symptoms.

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But remember, consuming biotin in large amounts can cause stomach issues, skin rashes, constipation, and kidney problems.

3. Evening primrose oil and Vitamin E

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Debina further says,” Vitamin E should be consumed by both girls and boys. It is very beneficial for skin and nails. No matter how much cream, face packs, and cosmetics you use, beauty comes by providing the right nutrition to your body from within. Evening primrose oil is very beneficial for providing glowing skin, lowering down blood pressure, and decreasing the risk of heart diseases. Evening primrose oil was recommended by my dermatologists and after using this, I have noticed visible changes in my skin. The doctor also recommended me to take Vitamin E, which is very beneficial for your eye, skin, heart, nails, CAD, reduce inflammation and risk of cancer. I recommend you to get your blood test done once a year and consult your doctor before taking any vitamin

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10 Side effects of vitamin C serum everyone should know before using it

Many studies3 have shown that people suffering from health conditions such as alopecia and skin disorders have very low levels of antioxidants in their bodies. A study was conducted to test the effect of Vitamin E supplements ( Tocotrienols) on people suffering from excessive hair loss and noticed a significant improvement in their hair growth and skin condition.

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However, keep in mind that taking Vitamin E supplements in excess can cause nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, fatigue, weakness, headache, blurred vision, rash, and bruising, and bleeding. A dose greater than 1000 mg daily is very unsafe.

On the other hand, if you talk about Evening primrose oil, it is great for skin and hair health and there are very few or no side effects reported till now.

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4. Vitamin D 

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She states, ” I had my blood test done and was found severely deficient in Vitamin D despite taking adequate amount of sunlight. So, with the advice of a doctor, I started taking Vitamin D supplements. It is very beneficial for the immune system, bone strength, brain function, teeth, diabetes management, lung function, and cardiovascular health.

According to a study4 published in 2018, 80% of the population worldwide is deficient in Vitamin D especially since the Indian diet fails to satisfy the adequate amount of Vitamin D in our body. Also, the people who apply a large amount of sunscreen indoor and outdoor are deficient in Vitamin D. One should get their blood test done every year to check their vitamin D levels especially females to prevent osteoporosis or decreased bone density.

5. Collagen

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She further adds, ” I am a non-vegetarian and try to fulfill protein requirements through my food. But, I do take Collagen supplements. Our skin is made up of collagen, which is responsible to provide skin elasticity and controlling wrinkles. When skin lacks collagen it starts to sag and becomes dull. Earlier, I was not aware of it otherwise I would have started taking it much before. I usually take Type 1 and Type 3, you can mix it in curd/ yogurt, smoothie, or juices. It is beneficial for bones, joints, skin ligaments, and skin. In fact, it is very beneficial for old age people too.

Research 5 was conducted in 2012 on 26 females above 35 years of age with visible signs of aging. They were given collagen supplements for 12 weeks and there was a noticeable change in their skin, also fine lines and wrinkles were significantly reduced on their face.

There were the top 5 health supplements for glowing skin and hair recommended by beautiful actress Debina. She concludes,” We cannot take any medicine and supplement for a lifetime. Always take some rest and gap for a few months and a year and do not just simply depend on oral supplements, give the opportunity to your body to produce it. Also, try to consume it through natural sources.

You can watch the full video on Youtube. Credit – Debina Bonnerjee at Debina Decodes

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