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3 Surprising benefits of fasting during Navratri no one told you before

In addition to its festivities, colors, and songs, Navratri also offers us a chance to re-energize, relax, and receive new energy. Navratri fasting makes it easier to reach bliss and joy inside. It calms the mind and brings about awareness and joy. Let’s talk about some amazing. Let’s talk about some amazing benefits of fasting during NavratriĀ no one told you.

Benefits of fasting during Navratri

1. Boost Digestion and detoxifies the body

Fasting is not done to please God, but to cleanse our bodies.

As per Ayurveda, fasting stimulates the digestive fire. Increased digestive fire burns toxins in the body. When the body is flushed with toxins, it loses dullness and lethargy. Every cell in the body is rejuvenated. Thus, fasting is an effective method of cleansing the body. Because of the deep connection between the body and mind, a cleansed body leads to a calmer and more relaxed mind. As we detoxify the body, our hormones and mood come to a balance.

We don’t usually wait to feel hungry before eating. Hunger is the body’s way of signaling that it is ready for digestion. When you eat before you feel hungry, you weaken your digestive system, which leads to stress and poor immunity. Fasting helps the digestive fire to re-ignite, as well as de-stressing and build immunity.

According to research published in January 2021, fasting plays an important role in the cardiovascular health of a person.

2. With Navratri fasts, you can dive deeper into meditation

During Navratri, you are encouraged to spend time with yourself, meditate, and connect with the source of existence. Meditation becomes easier when the mind becomes less restless when fasting. Be sure to eat plenty of fresh fruits and other sattvic foods to stay energized. This is one of the amazing benefits of fasting during Navratri.

3. Enjoy the benefits of fasting during Navratri and get a sattva bloom

Together, fasting and meditation increase sattva, the quality of peacefulness and positivity within us. Sattva increases our minds’ alertness and makes our intentions more potent. Which in turn could treat;



-Hormone imbalance etc.

When you fast, you detoxify your body, so when you pray, it becomes more authentic and profound.

It is suggested to consult a doctor before fasting if you have certain body constitutions and medical problems. You should also remember to only fast as much as it is comfortable for you.

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