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Scientific analysis of Rubina Dilaik’s diet plan and skincare routine | Big Boss Winner Season 14

Big Boss winner Season 14, (21 February 2021) Rubina Dilaik received lots of love and support from her fans. She gained her popularity through “Choti Bahu” and “Shakti”. She is extremely beautiful and gorgeous. Do you want to know Rubina Dilaik’s diet plan and skincare secrets? Most of you must have seen her doing yoga and workout during the Bigg Boss Season 14 and might be curious to know her diet and skincare regime. But, do you know how much hard work and self-discipline she put in to keep herself fit and her skin look flawless?

Let’s look at her diet and skincare regime in detail, along with scientific evidence.

Rubina Dilaik's diet plan

Rubina loves to post lots of video blogs and Instagram pictures to inspire her fans to eat a healthy diet. She is very serious and disciplined about her diet and fitness. In most of her blogs and posts, she has shown her home garden and salad pictures.

1. She loves to start her day with a beautiful sunrise.

According to research 1 watching early sunrise has lots of healing properties, and it naturally boosts the nervous system functions. It reduces the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Watching a beautiful sunrise not only brings peace to our hearts but it’s an amazing way to rejuvenate our energies. It’s a way to provide gratitude to nature.

rubina diet plan

2. She prefers to start her day with some fruit like apples and then do yoga for almost 2 hours. However, she loves to do other forms of workouts too but she loves to do yoga because it not only works on the body but our mind too.

There are many forms of yoga but the form of yoga that she does is “Hatha Yoga.” Hatha yoga has many well-known benefits. According to research published in 20162, including 105 participants, hath yoga helps boost dopamine which reduces anxiety and stress symptoms.

rubina doing yoga

3. After finishing up her workout, she eats her breakfast and makes sure that her breakfast contains a mixture of carbs, vitamins, antioxidants, and protein. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast keeps you energized throughout the day.

Breakfast plays a very important role in weight management. A systemic review 3 was published in 2016, which revealed that a breakfast rich in carbohydrates and protein leads to better metabolism and prevents weight gain.

Rubina Dilaik's diet plan

4. In her Instagram posts and YouTube videos she has revealed her love for vegetables and fruits.

It is evident that eating a bowl full of fruits and vegetables every day provides a lot of antioxidants to our bodies. Antioxidant plays an essential role to fight against free radicals presents inside our cells. It helps to provide you with beautiful and glowing skin, hence preventing aging. Antioxidants play a major role in cancer prevention. 4

Rubina Dilaik's diet plan

5. Rubina Dilaik’s diet plan plays a major role to maintain skin and hair health. You must have noticed in Bigg Boss 14 that she applies very light or no makeup in the house. She has naturally spotless and glowing skin, which actually comes from eating the right food.

Remember that your body is a reflection of what you eat!

rubina eating fruits

6. She eats dal roti, salad, and rice, along with a bowl of yogurt for a lunch. Yogurt/ Dahi is enriched with probiotics which help to keep your gut healthy and prevent stomach fat. Eating a bowl of yogurt/ Dahi every day helps better absorption of all the nutrients and provides Vitamin B. 5

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7. Rubina Dilaik’s diet plan includes evening snacks. Eating small portions of a meal the whole day keeps your metabolism active and prevents weight gain. Keeping yourself hungry for long hours actually diminishes the metabolism process.

So! evening snacking is a must.

Rubina Dilaik's diet plan

8. She told in one of her youtube videos that she makes sure to drink around 2-3 liters every day to flush out all the toxins and keep herself hydrated throughout the day.

Studies 6 have shown the if the water is consumed at the right time it could actually help in managing a healthy weight. Drink 3 glasses of water early in the morning, and then throughout the day. Water should be consumed by taking small sips, because water when mixed well with saliva helps to relieve constipation and heartburn, also it gives proper hydration. Avoid drinking water just after food, it will increase levels of toxins in the body and promotes weight gain.

In one of her Instagram post, she revealed he skincare secret!

rubina skin care secret

Virgin coconut oil has been used in many beauty products for years to add moisturizing benefits.7 VCO is an excellent cleanser/makeup remover, as you know like dissolves like the fat molecules present in coconut oil dissolve the outer layer of bacteria which is also made up of lipids and polysaccharides hence killing the bacteria. It prevents pimples and acne.

Clearing out makeup with VCO leaves the skin moisturized and boosts the skin repair process which reverses the effect of harmful chemical makeup on the skin. Dermatologists also recommend using coconut oil for cleansing your facial skin before going to bed. 8

Now you know very well about Rubina Dilaik’s diet plan and skincare regimen! 

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