Postpartum depression: Best homeopathic medicines that are 100% safe

postpartum depression homeopathic medicine

Postpartum depression was a very common problem faced by females after delivering the baby. Earlier the term was not so common because females do not want to share it with anyone. Another reason behind it is females do not want to take any kind of anti-depressants drug during breastfeeding. However, homeopathy is a 100% safe and effective method to overcome this problem. Before going further let’s first understand what postpartum depression is, and then we will talk about the best homeopathic medicines for it.

What is postpartum depression? 

Postpartum depression (PPD) is a complex mix of physical, emotional, and behavioral changes in some women after childbirth. This happens due to chemical changes in the brain, and sudden hormonal changes. Also, social separation and lack of rest.

Symptoms include;
Appetite changes
Lack of sexual interest
Frequent anger
Suicidal thoughts
Lack of concentration

Best homeopathic medicines for postpartum depression treatment

There are basically 3 types of PPD;
1. Postpartum blues
2. Postpartum depression
3. Postpartum psychosis

Postpartum blues occur for some limited period and is detected in 39-85% of women. Clinical symptoms of postpartum depression are mentioned above.

A study1 published on December 22 in the Journal of evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine, revealed that homeopathy medicine can be a 100% effective and safe method to fight this problem.

Agnus castus 30C

postpartum depression homeopathic medicine

Reserach2 was conducted on many females suffering from PPD. The females were started on Agnus castus 30C homeopathy medicine and were instructed to take it sublingually twice a day, and it was noted that after 3 weeks of continuous treatment all the symptoms were vanished. Also, it was advised to avoid caffeine and alcohol.

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It is an effective remedy for a number of issues mostly related to psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression and corrects low levels of energy in the body. Its main use also includes the treatment of sexual dysfunction in males and promotes libido. Its homeopathic composition makes it safe to use and it doesn’t trigger any side effects


Pulsatila for postpartum

This remedy is amazing for women who are feeling emotionally sensitive and prone to tears postpartum. These women may feel needy and insecure, wanting constant affection, reassurance, and nurturing. Getting fresh air and avoiding warm stuffy rooms can help. Finding a way to express/release the emotions in some way also greatly assists women experiencing this heightened sensitivity postpartum.


postpartum depression
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Depression that is hormonally and emotionally based can be treated with this remedy. The woman needing this remedy may feel as if a dark cloud has crept over her life and that nothing is right. When she becomes anxious and low-spirited, she may begin to believe she is incapable of caring for the baby. Additionally, she might become excitable and talkative, saying and doing things she shouldn’t.


homeopathic medicine
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Women who experience anxiety and fear that something bad will happen to them, their baby, or others may benefit from this remedy. These women may have difficulty being alone. Postpartum women who experience these fears and anxieties often experience heightened sensitivity to stimuli and exhaustion as well.


postpartum homeopathic medicine

During the postpartum period, Sepia is one of the best remedies for supporting women going through hormonal changes. When women are experiencing the baby blues or postpartum depressionā€”whether they feel irritable, apathetic, resentful, or burdened-it can be especially helpful. This remedy may also make women feel indifferent to the birth experience and make them find it difficult to bond with their children. Also, it can help with uterine prolapse or pelvic weakness.

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