12 Easy tips to balance Vata dosha – General characteristic and health conditions

According to ayurvedic philosophy, the complete cosmos is an interaction of energies of the 5 super factors- Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Every individual has a particular pattern of energies that constitutes our body's mental and physical structure. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are the mixture and variations of those 5 factors. If you want to balance these doshas, then you need to understand their concept deeply.

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Green mask stick is real or fake? Is it Worth Buying?

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Does plastic bottle water cause male infertility? Is it true?

We all use plastic bottles to preserve water and drink water in them every day. But, do you know? It is affecting your hormonal levels. Studies say that plastic water bottle releases some chemicals which seep into the water which interferes with the endocrine system of the body, especially in males and cause erectile dysfunction, increase in estrogen levels in males, gynecomastia (developments of the breast in males), and sometimes infertility.

Scientific analysis of Rubina Dilaik’s diet plan and skincare routine | Big Boss Winner Season 14

Big Boss winner Season 14, (21 February 2021) Rubina Dilaik received lots of love and support from her fans. She gained her popularity through "Choti Bahu" and "Shakti". She is extremely beautiful and gorgeous. Do you want to know Rubina Dilaik's diet plan and skincare secrets? Most of you must have seen her doing yoga and workout during the Bigg Boss Season 14 and might be curious to know her diet and skincare regime. But, do you know how much hard work and self-discipline she put in to keep herself fit and her skin look flawless?

Does a Seaweed skin whitening mask is really effective? I Seaweed face mask review

Seaweed skin whitening face pack videos, showing magical results after application. Nowadays these kinds of videos are getting viral on the internet but the question here arises is that, does it actually work as shown in the videos or it is just another marking scam? Let's find out.

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Sandeep Maheshwari Spirituality- Sound of Silence Meditation detail and benefits

In this whole creatin we are just a small spec, each one of us are in search of good health, knowledge, prosperity, harmony and over all a happy and blissful life in every situation. Each of us strive hard to achieve this state. But the real question is, it is really possible to active this state? So, the simple answer is Yes!

5 Mind-blowing benefits of liquid paraffin for skin you should know

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