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Nisha Rawal used to answer her fans questions about pregnancy, edema, and stretch marks on her youtube channel

Nisha Rawal is an Indian TV actress and model and has played many amazing roles in daily soaps. She used to answer many questions of her fans on her youtube channel about pregnancy. She cleared a lot of myths of her fans about pregnancy sex, stretch marks, edema, prenatal supplements, breastfeeding, and many more. Let’s see what science says about her answers!

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Is it safe to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy?

Nisha Rawal says ” I do not understand why so many shy away while talking about pregnancy sex. Let me tell you that the first person you should be talking to regarding this is your doctor. If you do not suffer from any pregnancy complications then you could continue to have sex during pregnancy. If you might feel that you might have increased sex drive during pregnancy, that is also normal considering the pregnancy hormones that spike in our bodies.”

Is it ok to have sex during pregnancy? “The answer is Yes, if it makes you happy and you do not suffer from any pregnancy complications that your doctor has warned you about then you could continue.”

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? “It is completely ok to have sex during pregnancy if your partner does not suffer from any infections. If you and your partner choose a comfortable position that does not put pressure on your belly or make you uncomfortable in any way then it is completely safe.”

Will sex during pregnancy cause miscarriage?Ā “No! labor contractions and orgasms are completely different.”

Will, it hurt my baby? “No it won’t, your baby is floating in your amniotic fluid which is cushioned by a thick wall of your uterus.”

What happens when a sperm enters a pregnant woman? “When a woman is pregnant a mucus plant is formed in the cervix blocking the passage of the sperm. This is nature’s way to prevent any infections to the baby inside the womb.”

Which sex position is best during pregnancy?Ā “Any position that is comfortable to you considering your growing tummy.”

“Please let’s always remember that your doctor should be the first person that you will refer to, regarding any question regarding sex during pregnancy.”

Research published in the International Journal of environmental research and public health concluded that sex during pregnancy is considered safe and lowers mood swings in pregnant women.

What causes swelling and edema during pregnancy?

She says, “During our last trimester most of us feel inflated to our bodies maximum capacity. The swelling and edema are due to the excess fluid that collects in your body tissues. Because your body retains more water during pregnancy. Your growing belly puts pressure on your pelvic veins and slowers the return of blood from your legs causing it to swell.”Ā 

When should I be concerned about swelling during pregnancy?Ā “It’s normal to have a moderate amount of edema on the ankles and feet during pregnancy, and you may also have mild swelling in your hands. Please call your healthcare provider if you notice any sign of preeclampsia such as facial swelling, puffiness around your eyes, more than moderate swelling of your hands, excessive or sudden swelling of your feet and ankles.”Ā 

Why do we get stretch marks during pregnancies? How to prevent them?

Nisha Rawal says, ” Stretch marks develop in 9 out of 10 pregnancies. Well! I remember when I went for my scan and the doctor told me that I do not have any stretch marks. But, I do start to develop stretch marks in my 7th month and started with pinkish streaks.”

Do stretch marks develop on the belly only?Ā ” Strech marks can develop anywhere, like thigh, breast, hips, and stomach. The reason why it happens is that the fibers of our skin such as collagen and elastin stretch and break during pregnancy due to the pressure of rapid weight gain. Some women call it their tiger stripes! Well, we have them now. So, let’s face it. There are lots of creams and oils in the market available but they never go away. She says that I still have stretch marks on my body. Stretch marks can be prevented by gaining weight gradually by eating a healthy diet. It’s best if we do not eat too many calories and sugar during pregnancy.”Ā 

You can watch her more videos on her youtube channel.

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