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Money heist Season 5 Volume 2: Diet and fitness plan of actors

Money Heist is the most popular and most-watched series on Netflix. Netflix has recently released Money heist season 5 volume 2 which is getting viral.

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2: Diet and fitness plan of all the actors

Here is the diet and workout plan of the actors which will leave you amazed!

Professor – Alvaro Morte Workout Routine

Money heist season 5 volume 2

In Alvaro Morte’s workout routine, he makes it to the gym regularly and does other exercises to stay in shape. His favourite exercises include cardio and weight training. A cancer survivor, Alvaro Morte never gives up on anything. After that experience, Alvaro Morte is enjoying life more every day.

Morte works out for about an hour to two hours every day, and he goes to the gym at least five days a week. Generally, Alvaro Morte’s shoots are in the morning and afternoon. Therefore, he works out mostly at night. However, if he has an evening or night shoot at that time, he adjusts it to the morning.

Weight training is what keeps Alvaro Morte healthy and active. He may not be the bulkiest guy you will see in the industry, but he does lift like one. As a result of daily weight lifting and training in the gym, he has fantastic strength.

You might already be familiar with Alvaro Morte’s Instagram account if you follow him. He posts gym exercises like tricep dips and other exercises on there. We do know some of the activities he performs, but we don’t know his whole workout routine.

Every couple of months, his trainer changes it. You can get started with a basic weight training routine from me, but after that, you need to consult a trainer to improve according to your body type.

Tokyo: Úrsula Corberó

Ursula Corbero

She is a 31-year-old female actor, with an hourglass figure, she has a slim and sexy body. The hourglass body is characterized by a slim waist and curvy hips and breasts.

Money heist season 5 volume 2, the most popular actress, Ursula Corbero used to play sports every day before she became an actress. She now works out every day. It is for this reason that we have seen her always slim and smart, with the same body shape maintained.

The strategy she employs is portion control. Rather than not eating anything else, she eats everything, but in a controlled way. Your body requires everything to function properly. The body does not tolerate any deficiency, so eat, but eat less. That’s an excellent strategy to keep your body healthy and disease-free.

Rio: Miguel Herran Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Miguel Herran

Miguel Herran has played the role of Rio on the website and is also their boyfriend of Tokyo. Miguel Herran revealed in one of the interviews that his friends used to call him Conan the Barbarian because of his physique. He is currently going to the gym five times a week and working out for about an hour to two hours each day.

Miguel Herran’s workout involves a lot of gym training and cardio exercises. He keeps himself in shape by doing callisthenics exercises. Miguel has had a muscular body since he was a child.

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Running, biking and other cardio exercises are done by Miguel Herran. Despite the fact that his callisthenics workout burns a lot of calories, he insists on doing at least 20 minutes of cardio workout before he can start training. As a result, Miguel Herran runs on a medium face, almost enough to make him sweat and burn some calories.

Nirobi: Alba Flores

money heist actos diet plan

Alba Flores, star of Money Heist, says she has become healthier and kinder because she eats meat-free meals.

As soon as she saw how much food her family had thrown away after Christmas Eve, she decided to stop eating meat.

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“I started to think about where that food came from and how much food will be thrown away … and (wondered) how necessary the deaths of those animals really were,” she said.

“I started to look into it, and I realised that this wasn’t the only big problem. The entire animal agriculture industry poses a very serious problem for the planet,” she added.

And now, she feels “so much better eating vegetables and legumes and grains”.

Flores concluded: “I think that your food doesn’t have to be the cause of suffering and exploitation of animals.”

She has now featured in a new ad campaign for PETA India’s friends at PETA US that encourages everyone to save animals and the planet by going vegetarian.

Denver: Jaime Lorente 

Jamie Lorente's workout

Money heist season 5 volume 2, famous actor, Jamie Lorente’s workout is a bit of a secret. Even though there is not much evidence about his gym routine on Google and not even on his Instagram profile, we know he stays fit, as evidenced in many of his shirtless posts. What does he do in order to stay this fit all the time?

Jamie Lorente’s lean body is due in part to his activities. Jamie has posted many photos of his adventures on his Instagram account. Jamie has gone on treks, swum, sat on the beach, and even skydived. As a result, you can say that his active lifestyle undoubtedly contributes to his incredible body.

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