Malika Arora love doing Gua Sha – Secret of her young looking skin at 47

malika arora

47-year-old Indian Actress, dancer, model, and famous television personality shared a video on her social media doing Gua Sha. She is well known for her toned body, glowing, and wrinkle-free skin. She keeps sharing her diet, workout, and skin secrets with her fans. Recently her Gua Sha video is getting viral. Let’s talk about Gua Sha in detail and how it can help you to get beautiful skin.

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What is Gua Sha?

Gua sha is a traditional ancient Chinese technique that is known to increase blood flow and clear out blocked lymph and remove toxins. It can also reduce pain, swelling, and puffiness from the face.

The meaning of Gua is “Scrap” and Sha is “Sand”. It is also known as pressure stroke treatment or effective folk therapy. The blocked veins present below the skin are opened by scraping the skin. According to a study published in The open-access journal for life and environmental research, Gua sha increased blood flow and boosted the immune functions of the skin after an intradermal vaccine administration.

Gua Sha is done by using a gua sha stone. The gua bian, jade, or rose quartz. Nowadays it is available in many varieties adding various benefits to the skin.

How do Gua Sha works?

Gua sha is doing by applying oil on the skin and rubbing the skin across the median lines. It boosts the blood circulation beneath the skin by 95% if done correctly with a correct amount of pressure.

A study was conducted in December 2011 and was published in The Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine revealed that scraping the skin with gua sha with the right technique increased the temperature below the skin surface, which resulted in expanding of blood vessels hence increasing the blood flow.

Benefits of Gua Sha for skin

  1. It increased blood circulation under the skin. Hence, providing an instant glow.
  2. It can counter the face and help to provide more sculptured facial features.
  3. Gua Sha when performed once a week can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.
  4. It plays a major role in reducing puffiness from the face.
  5. In some cases, it is proved to reduce dark circles under the skin.
  6. By performing Gua sha we open up the blocked lymph and promoting lymphatic drainage, which is very beneficial in removing toxins from the skin.
  7. This technique could be very effective for people suffering from pimples and acne issues.
  8. It boosts collagen production and can provide healthier-looking radiant skin.
  9. Gua sha when done along with skincare routine and proper diet and exercise could provide a clear complexion.
  10. It is very helpful in getting rid of dark necklines.

The correct method for performing Gua Sha 

Step 1. Clean your skin very well. You can also clean it with some cleansing milk or face wash.

Step 2. Apply some oil or moisturizer to make the skin surface frictionless. Otherwise, it will cause more harm than good. You can use any moisturizer you like or oil. I have provided a link to some moisturizers or oil below.

Step 3. With the help of Gua Sha stone scrap, the skin surface according to the direction showed in the image below. Do not apply much pressure, otherwise, you might break some blood vessels of your skin. Try to be gentle.

gua sha directions images

Common mistakes to avoid while doing Gua-Sha 

  1. Do not apply much pressure while doing gua sha. Otherwise, you might damage the skin.
  2. Always apply it after applying a moisturizer or oil.

From where can I buy the best quality Gua-Sha

I am sharing the link to of some the best gua sha. You can buy the product by clicking on the following link:

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