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6 Incredible benefits of kafal fruit: A wild fruit found in Himalayas

Most people may not have heard the name of this herb, also called Kafal or Kafal fruit but, in Ayurveda, kafal is ancient medicine. Kafal is a type of evergreen shrub that bears fruit that looks a bit like a blackberry. Let’s learn more about the benefits of Kafal fruit in detail, how it is used and for what types of diseases.

Kafal: What is it?

The flavor of nutmeg is bitter, pungent, hot, and short. Reducing Kapha and Vata is one of its benefits. Additionally, it is beneficial for sperm health.

Kafal can treat a variety of diseases such as respiratory problems, diabetes, piles, loss of appetite, gout disease, leprosy, menorrhagia, obesity, urinary incontinence, craving, fever, and irritable bowel syndrome. It is beneficial in anemia, metallurgy, mouth disease or ulcers or swelling in the mouth, rhinitis, swelling, and burning.

Benefits of kafal fruit

Kafal leaves and seeds are used in Ayurveda, whereas the flowers and fruits provide medicinal benefits. Let’s get an understanding of how the kafal is used in disease treatment.

1. Kafal fruit benefits in Headache

You can use kafal as a home remedy for headaches caused by a hectic schedule and work stress. Making a powder of the bark of kafal and breathing it through the nose relieves headaches caused by phlegm. Also, Nutmeg oil can soothe migraine and coryza pain when 1-2 drops are put in the nose.

2. Benefits of Kafal fruit for eyes

Many diseases affect the eyes, including common eye pain, night blindness, redness, etc. The use of kafal is very useful in all of these types of problems. Making kajal by mixing cow urine, Ghee, and kafal with Himalayan salt, and applying it like kajal into the eyes can provide relief from the symptoms of many eye diseases.

3. Relieves ear painĀ 

Kafal provides relief for ear pain due to cold cough or any disease. Putting 1-2 drops of jackfruit oil mixed with kafal fruit in the ear, cooked and filtered, provides relief from earaches.

4. Kafal fruit benefits for toothache

Kafal tree bark can relieve toothache by pressing it between the teeth and chewing it.
If you rub kafal powder on your teeth and grind it in vinegar, when you consume kafal in this manner, you will experience quick relief from toothache.

Gargling with a decoction of kafal fruit can cure goiter, toothache, and throat infection.

5. Kafal Benefits for Cough Relief

If you are suffering from cough due to the change of season and it is not improving with any medicine then it may be treated with kafal.

In cough, fever, and phlegm-related diseases, licking the powder (1-2 grams) made from Katfal mixed with honey is beneficial.

6. Benefits of Kafal fruit in treating diarrhea

Kafal with honey can be very useful if diarrhea is caused by spicy foods, packaged foods, or foods from outside.
Taking 1-2 grams of tamarind powder mixed with honey twice a day provides relief in diarrhea.
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