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How much helpful is goat milk to increase platelets and fight dengue fever?

How much helpful is goat milk to increase platelets and fight dengue fever? Aedes aegypti is one of the mosquitoes that transmit Dengue. People around the world are affected by this disease, and it has no known cure. It typically affects fifty to one hundred million people annually. The past few years have seen the discovery of a few ailments that can treat dengue. On this list, goat milk has played a major role in treating dengue.

Goat milk to increase platelets and fight dengue fever

Many experts believe that goat milk and its products play a significant role in the treatment of this disease.Ā Dengue fever can cause a low platelet count and a low level of selenium in the body. Goat milk contains 27% more Selenium than other kinds of milk available on the market. The body needs selenium to maintain its immune system, and it also acts as a key component to prevent the creation of viruses. The patient recovers much faster this way. Many patients who cannot receive a platelet transfusion from outside are advised to consume goat milk in order to boost their blood platelet count. This helps maintain the body’s fluid levels.

Besides this, goat milk also plays a significant role in various other aspects, such as, it increases iron absorption. As a result, ferropenic nutritional anemia is further repaired since it increases the body’s iron levels. Additionally, it helps improve the digestion and metabolism of minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Does goat milk increase platelets? What is the science behind it?

According to research, in goat milk, selenium is also called selenioprotein, and is one of the most significant proteins found there. Due to their antioxidant properties, they protect the body from cellular damage that occurs when oxygen by-products are created. In the body, oxidative stress and immune response are the main causes of selenium deficiency. By consuming goat milk, dengue-infected individuals can get Selenium, which is known to improve immune function and fight oxidative stress.

Why do we drink goat milk in dengue?

Studies have shown that goat milk improves digestion and allows the body to utilize various minerals like iron, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium more efficiently.Ā Goat milk can even assist patients suffering from dengue fever in improving their metabolism. According to Ayurvedic theory, goat milk helps in recovering fast from dengue because it is light and can easily be digested.

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The fatty acids in goat milk are different from those in cow milk, allowing dengue-infected individuals to consume it. It helps in digestion since it contains fewer fat globules. Additionally, goat milk contains smaller casein micelles, which may also contribute to its better digestibility. As goat milk has immunoglobulins, it can boost the immunity of those suffering from dengue fever, who have lowered immunity. Peptides, etc., are likely to be responsible. In the human body, goat milk triggers innate and adaptive immune responses that prevent inflammation. This milk has lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, etc., which are responsible for its antimicrobial properties. As a result, the body is kept free of harmful organisms that can negatively impact the body, goat milk to increase platelets.

How To Drink Goat Milk Raw Or Boiled?Ā 

It is generally recommended to drink boiled goat milk as it kills any harmful bacteria present in the milk. Our immune system is already weak when we have dengue, and we should not take further risks. Hence, it is always recommended to drink boiled goat milk.

How much goat milk should I drink a day?

It is generally recommended to drink 200ml of Goat milk a day to fight dengue fever. Hence, drink a lot of goat milk to increase platelets.

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