Does Salicylic acid ice cream mask really work? I Salicylic Acid Ice cream mask review

salicylic acid ice-cream mask

Many videos are getting viral on the internet which shows amazing results after application, but the main question is that is it real or fake? Today, in this blog we will talk about the ingredients in detail, based on scientific research and studies.

Salicylic acid ice cream mask review

Salicylic acid ice cream mask

Centella Asiatica

Centella asiaticaĀ is an ancient herb, which is used for many medicinal properties. This plant is commonly known as mandukparniĀ or Indian pennywort orĀ jalbrahmi, it has been used as a medicine in the Ayurvedic tradition of India for thousands of years.

Research 1 conducted in 2010 proved that Centella Asiatica has many skin healing properties. Eczema patients recovered very well after the continued application of this herb. The patient suffering from psoriasis, veins, and stretch marks, acne speeds healing, helping to prevent scarring and prevent future blemishes. However, scientific evidence is still lacking to prove the molecular mechanism of the drug.

It is also rich in antioxidants and is also known for its anti-aging properties. Centella Asiatica increases skin hydration by providing it a radiant glow.

Aloe Extract

Aloe extract is scientifically proven 2 to heal skin conditions like sunburn, cuts, dry and flaky skin, eczema, Psoriasis, acne inflammation.

Also, aloe extract is known to increase collagen production in the skin which results in increased skin glow, decreased fine lines, and skin tightening. However, there are no side effects or harmful effects of aloe vera extract.


Hyaluronate is actually, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, which works on the skin surface by keeping the skin hydrated and reducing the sign of aging. Many research3 were conducted on hyaluronate to check its anti-aging properties and it was concluded that it has some amazing skin hydration and fine lines reducing properties.

The truth behind salicylic acid ice-cream mask viral videos

The videos show that a person applies the mask on his face and suddenly the dirt and blackhead come out of his face, leaving flawless skin. As we have read the ingredients above, there is no such ingredient that gives so fast and magical results. Hence, they are using a chia seed filter on their video, which on rubbing a clean cloth changes into a blur effect.

The viral videos are actually fake!

Other alternatives of salicylic acid ice cream mask

Here, I am sharing with you some of the alternatives of the salicylic acid ice cream mask which you can buy by clicking on the image.

1. The Derma Co 2% Salicylic Acid Face Mask for Men and Women for Acne & Blemish Prone Skin

Formulated with Salicylic Acid, Activated Charcoal, and Kaolin Clay, The Derma Co. 2% Salicylic Acid Mask helps remove dead skin cells from the surface of oily and blemish-prone skin. It fights dullness and uneven skin texture with gentle exfoliation and cell turnover, revealing clean, clear, and healthy skin. Activated Charcoal absorbs impurities and further detoxifies and exfoliates the skin to refine poresā€™ appearance while Kaolin Clay cleans and soffits the skin. Dermatologically tested, 2% Salicylic Acid Mask is safe, potent, and clinically proven to reduce acne, pimples, and blemishes.

Directions: Wash your face with The Derma Co. AHA BHA Foaming Face Wash. Dab your face dry and apply a generous amount of face masks. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. For best results, use twice a week. Use Sunscreen during the day.

2. Kaya Clinic Acne Free Purifying Cleanser, Salicylic Acid face wash for pimple-prone, combination, oily skinĀ 

Skin purifying cleanser specially formulated for acne-prone skin – see great results when used with kaya’s purifying toner and kaya’s purifying nourisher.

3. Minimalist 2% Salicylic Acid Serum For Acne, Blackheads & Open PoresĀ 

Salicylic acid easily penetrates the pore lining and scoops out the dirt, debris, and sebum (clinically proven to work better than oil-based traditional salicylic acid), so skin looks clear and soft. Removes blackheads & whiteheads by keeping your pores clean and controlling excessive oil. It is a potent exfoliant for oily acne-prone skin.

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