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Does plastic bottle water cause male infertility? Is it true?

Does plastic bottle water cause male infertility? Is it true? Let’s look at some scientific pieces of evidence behind it and what impact plastic could cause on male health.

Does plastic bottle water cause male infertility?

We all use plastic bottles to preserve water and drink water in them every day. But, do you know? It is affecting your hormonal levels. Studies say that plastic water bottle releases some chemicals which seep into the water which interferes with the endocrine system of the body, especially in males and cause erectile dysfunction, increase in estrogen levels in males, gynecomastia (developments of the breast in males), and sometimes infertility.

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Lowers testosterone levels

BPA is commonly called bisphenol A, which is used for the manufacture of plastic for many decades. We all get exposed to BPA every day, but there are a number of studies that prove that BPA interferes with the hormonal system of the body.

A research was published in 20141 focusing on the effect of BPA on semen quality and reproductive function of males. It was concluded that sperm quality and testosterone level was low in males with high BPA levels.

Low sperm count

When water is kept on the plastic bottles for a long time, BPA presents in the plastic bottle seep into the water and enter the body when we consume it. Study 2 conducted on Feb 20211 showed the presence of BPA in the urine of infertile males. BPA was also held responsible for affecting sperm activity and sperm count.

BPA is structurally similar to estrogen and exhibits estrogen hormone-like properties. Research 3 was conducted on 427 workers in the plastic manufacturing industry in China, and BPA was found in their urine in high content. There were getting exposed to BPA every day on a larger scale. They reported a decrease in their sexual function, early ejaculation, and low sexual satisfaction. This is why drinking water in a plastic water bottle can cause male infertility.

Elevated estrogen levels and lowering testosterone levels in males can cause gynecomastia (developments of the breast in males).

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Switch to better alternatives

One should switch to alternatives to plastic water bottles. Not only water bottle plastic itself harmful for consumption but for the environment too. Here are some alternatives for a plastic water bottle that are environmentally friendly.

  1. Copper water bottle: It releases copper ions in the water, which improves immune function and is gut-friendly too.
  2. Plant-Based plastic bottles: It doesn’t contain BPA and is environment friendly.
  3. Earthen clay water bottles: These are made up of clay and are very beneficial in the summer seasons. If you like cool water during summer, switch to these water bottles rather than refrigerated water. It provides a cooling effect to the body.
  4. Stainless steel water bottle: There are best to pour warm water in it during the winter seasons.

Despite so many pieces of evidence and studies, BPA is not the only responsible cause of infertility in males, but many other reasons contribute towards male infertility. So, one should not only limit plastic use but also;

  1. Quit smoking

Men who smoke are exposed to high levels of cadmium and lead, which decrease fertility. Infertile smokers have consistently higher lead levels than both fertile and infertile nonsmokers. According to a research4 published in 2016, Smoking has a multitude of well-known side effects and is one of the main causes of preventable morbidity and mortality. Studies investigating the relationship between smoking and infertility have been conducted for decades; however, population-wide, large-scale studies are lacking. 

2. Say no to Alcohol

 Alcohol can alter sperm count, size, shape, and motility. The effects of heavy drinking on fertility in men include: lowering testosterone levels, lowering follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone levels, and raising estrogen levels, which reduce sperm production.

3. Stop masturbation and switch to meditation to reduce stress.

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