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Debina Bonnerjee decodes 5 best face yoga and ice therapy to treat acne and pimple

Debina Bonnerjee (born 18 April 1983) is an Indian actress who played Sita in the 2008 television series Ramayan. Her first television role was in the Tamil TV serial Mayavi (2005). She shares amazing tips with her fans and viewers on her youtube channel.

debina face yoga for acne and pimples

Best face yoga to treat acne and pimple

“I have been suffering from acne issues for the past few days because of wearing a mask all the time. Wearing face mask clogs the pores which cause breakout and skin inflammation. Another big reason for my acne issues is suffering from heavy constipation and irregular bowel moments for the past few weeks. However, there are many reasons for acne and pimple issues which include not removing the makeup clearly before sleep, not using the correct skincare, etc. 

Today, I will share some amazing face yoga treat acne and pimple issues.”

1. Blowing air facial exercise

face yoga to treat acne and pimple

” Fill your mouth with air and hold your breath for at least 10 seconds and will increase the time gradually with practice. Slowly release the air and do it every day whenever you have time. This exercise will increase blood circulation on your face and will clear out your clogged pores.”

2. Facial air shift 

facial air shift

“Fill your mouth with air and shift the air from one side to another. Do it for 10 seconds and repeat.” 

This face yoga increase blood circulation from both the side of the cheek and will help to get rid of acne and pimples.

3. Kapaldhauti for clearer skin 

face yoga to treat acne and pimple

“Kapal means face and dhauti means purification. Pless both sides of your nose with thumb and hold the breath.

4. “O” Pose for treating pimples

yoga poses for treating acne and pimples

“Now make a big O with your lips and release slowly.”

5. Oval pose for treating acne and pimples

facial yoga for treating acne and pimple

“In this yoga pose, we will make an oval shape with our face by hiding the teeth. Try to stretch your face as much as you can”

Celebrity skincare for acne and pimple

“Along with face yoga, I would recommend applying acne and pimple prevention skincare products. The most amazing chemical which is very beneficial for treating pimples and acne is salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a BHA (Beta hydroxy acid), which is a mild oil-soluble acid. This acid penetrates deep into the skin pores and removes all the pimple-causing bacteria and dirt from the pore. I have already talked about salicylic acid before but I would like to recommend some best brands.”

“This is a part of face yoga. Apply the serum by gently face tapping which improves blood circulation on your face and will penetrate, seal and clear the pores very well. This is the best solution for females suffering from active acne problems.”

Ice therapy for acne and pimple 

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” Next major skincare step I will recommend is ice therapy for your face. Make a green tea and freeze it. You can also make small ice cubes also. When you walk up every day, apply these green tea ice cubes to your face in a circular motion. This can treat even the most chronic acne.”

Best juice to clear your skin 

“Along with facial yoga and ice therapy, I would recommend eating and drink clean. The best you can do is to drink a glass of juice of aloe vera, amla, and coriander when you walk up in the morning every day. You will slowly start noticing an amazing glow on your skin and your acne and pimples will clear out eventually.

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