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Bitter bottle gourd juice can cause death- Here is the reason why?

Bitter bottle gourd juice can cause death? Well, that is a completely debatable topic. A woman in Pune died after drinking a bitter bottle gourd (laukee) juice, according to a report published in “Times of India” in 2018. She was 41 years old and not suffering from any illness. After consuming half a glass of bitter bottle gourd juice, she was brought to the hospital. Her symptoms included vomiting, dizziness, and loss of motion. She lost consciousness and had a cardiac arrest. Reports say that some serious toxins build up in her body which resulted in death.

Tahira Kashyap admitted to the hospital ater consuming bitter bottle gourd juice

Recently, popular actress Tahira Kashyap was admitted to ICU after consuming bitter bottle gourd juice after a workout. She says that too much of something can never be good. She was reported to suffer from an extreme case of food poisoning.

What is Bitter bottle gourd (laukee) toxicity? Bitter bottle gourd juice can cause death?

Bitter bottle gourd juice, when consumed empty stomach in the morning, is considered a remedy for diabetes, heart disease, constipation, liver disease, urinary tract infections, and depression.

The bottle gourd juice may turn bitter after long timekeeping or sometimes the bottle gourd is already bitter in taste. The juice may turn because of an increase in the level of Cucurbitacin which causes toxic reactions in the body. This toxic reaction in the gut leads to abdominal discomfort/pain, blood vomiting, and a sudden drop in blood pressure.

Bitter gourd juice many cause death in people, especially with pre-existing illnesses.

Cucurbitacin is a complex compound found in plants belonging to the cucumber family. This chemical compound is responsible for bitterness which could be highly toxic for mammals.

There are not one, but many cases reported till now of gastrointestinal bleeding, low blood pressure, and death after consuming bitter bottle gourd juice.

Everyone should be aware of it. The symptoms usually start within 30 minutes of consuming bitter bottle gourd juice and may continue for a week in some people. The symptoms of bitter bottle gourd toxicity can be easily confused with normal stomach upset.

So, next time please be careful!

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