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3 Scientific reasons to avoid non-veg during Shravan month

Why avoid non-veg during Shravan? According to Hindu tradition, Shravan is the holiest month. As per religious importance, the month of Shravan is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Monday is called Shravan Somvar (day of the week dedicated to Lord Shiva). Fasting is supposed to be done during all four Shravan Somvars. Every day of Shiva’s chosen month is laden with religious significance, so Hindus avoid non-vegetarian food and alcohol during this time. But, do you know the scientific importance of not eating non-veg during this month?

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Scientific reasons to avoid non-veg during Shravan month

1. Risk of Infections

This season brings more than relief from the heat. Apart from the breeze, the monsoon also brings with it a number of bacterial and viral diseases. As a result, stomach infections, food poisoning, diarrhea, and indigestion are common during this time of year. Thousands of bacteria and viruses thrive in humid environments. As a result of high levels of humidity in the atmosphere, our bodies have a difficult time digesting food. In these particular months, most Indians avoid the consumption of eggs and non-vegetables. Let’s take a closer look at the reason.

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2. It is the breeding season for many animals

It is advised to avoid eating raw eggs, seafood, chicken, and mutton due to their health risks.  Furthermore, it is believed that the monsoon is the breeding season for prawns and fish, which is why seafood is avoided during monsoons. It is even possible to get a stomach infection from incorrect fish consumption. Fresh fish is the best thing to eat if you still intend to eat fish. Avoid raw fish and sushi.

In Hindu mythology, killing an animal during its breeding season is a sin. In Shravan or monsoon, most animals breed, making it yet another reason, within the religious context, to refrain from non-vegan foods and eggs. This is one of the major reasons to avoid non-veg during Shravan.

3. Risk of dangerous diseases

In addition to avoiding non-vegetarian and egg foods, it is recommended to avoid fruit juices, especially those sold by roadside vendors. Vendors sell almost no fresh fruits and long exposure to humid weather during monsoons can result in greater harm than good. Choose only homemade fruit juices to prevent diseases such as diarrhea and typhoid.

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