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15 Scientific amazing benefits of liquid chlorophyll your might never know

Do you know the benefits of drinking liquid chlorophyll? Chlorophyll is a green pigment present in plants and is responsible for providing green color to the plants. It is responsible for the absorption of light and the process of photosynthesis. A lot of vital chemical reactions take place in the plant cell, so chlorophyll is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

What are liquid chlorophyll or chlorophyll supplements?

We get chlorophyll while eating green plants but if we eat leafy vegetables we get less amount of chlorophyll and also it is not able to survive harsh acids present in the stomach. Therefore, it is suggested to take a chlorophyll supplement. Nowadays chlorophyll supplement is available in liquid form.

Let’s talk about some amazing benefits of liquid chlorophyll supplements based on scientific pieces of evidence.

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Benefits of liquid chlorophyll

1.A study was published in the Journal of toxicology in 2016, concluded that liquid chlorophyll has amazing antioxidant properties which can reduce oxidative stress. It can remove harmful toxins from the body and can boost immune response.

2.It is also evident that virgin olive oil contains some amount of liquid chlorophyll which adds anti-cancer properties to the olive oil.

3.Research conducted by Microalgae in health and disease prevention on algae containing chlorophyll showed that chlorophyll has some amazing anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungus properties. By consuming liquid chlorophyll we can increase bodies’ capacity to fight bacterial, viral, or fungal infections.

4.Liquid chlorophyll supplement is known to boost gut health by managing intestinal flora. Many studies have revealed that liquid chlorophyll helps to prevent constipation and is very beneficial for people suffering from gastritis or IBS.

5.Drinking chlorophyll every day can help people suffering from Anemia. The structure of chlorophyll and red blood cell is almost similar, the only difference is the central atom. In RBCs, the central atom is iron while in chlorophyll the central atom is magnesium. It can help blood formation and suppress the factors responsible for anemia.

6.Chlorophyll is also beneficial for people suffering from Arthritis. A study was conducted in 2012, revealed that liquid chlorophyll has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and can prevent or slow down inflammation in people suffering from arthritis.

7.Liquid chlorophyll works as an amazing detoxifying agent, it binds with toxins present in our body and clears out the liver and kidneys.

8.Studies have revealed that liquid chlorophyll has anti-aging properties. It contains Vitamin K and collagen-boosting enzymes which could help rejuvenate skin cells.

9.Are you suffering from bad breath? Then, do not worry, liquid chlorophyll could be an effective remedy for bad breath and poor digestion.

10.If we talk about the benefits of liquid chlorophyll, then it contains an enormous amount of vitamin E. According to research published in 2018 on Vitamin E, it was evident that it is well known to balance male and female hormones.

11.A study published in October 2014 concluded that eating green vegetables enriched with chlorophyll can accelerate the weight loss process.

12. Some people have reported decreased pimples, acne, and redness after using liquid chlorophyll for a few weeks. However, there are no reported pieces of evidence to prove the same.

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13. Many types of research were performed to test the wound healing benefits of liquid chlorophyll and applying topically can boost the healing process. It can also prevent bacterial or fungus growth on the wound.

14. The central metal atom present in the chlorophyll molecule contains magnesium which is very beneficial for muscle toning.

15. Many essential vitamins present in the chlorophyll especially vitamin K, reduce the growth of calcium oxalate crystals inside the kidney.

From where can I buy the best quality chlorophyll?

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Side effects of liquid chlorophyll

There are not many known side effects of consuming liquid chlorophyll but, some people reported experiencing stomach upset, green or black stools, and itching and burning while applied on the skin.

According to research performed on chlorophyll supplement, it was concluded that its dosage should not be more than 100-300mg per day. If consumed in excess of one of my face side effects. However, there are not many side effects reported till now.

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