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Hello Everyone, If you are a fitness freak and are looking out for quality information about health and wellness then you are in the right place! We are on a mission to help millions of people to achieve their fitness goals.

There is no more big success than achieving good health. People wish for a healthy body, good physique, beautiful hair, and skin. Not, only good looks but there are many lifestyle health conditions such as alopecia, PCOD, thyroid, acne, premature greying of hairs, and obesity whose graph has increased drastically.

These health conditions can easily be treated by following a regular workout regime and following a healthy diet. There are very few people who actually understand the value of good health and set fitness goals for themselves and work hard to achieve that.

Some of them try but fail multiple times. According to a report published by scientific research, only 8% of people out of 100 can achieve their fitness goals, and the rest give up. They didnā€™t fail because they canā€™t do it but because of a lack of quality information.

Today the health industry is filled with a lot of supplements and products but they donā€™t know which one is right for their needs. Some people got mislead by branding and choose the wrong products and pay a big price, not only it cost a lot to their pocket but their health too. Most of the time people are not aware of what they need and end up with a dissatisfying result.

Through this website, we want to spread awareness about their body by providing them evidence-based quality information. So, that they can know their body better and can choose what is right and what is wrong according to their bodiesā€™ actual requirements.



Ā Hello Everyone!

I am Simran. I am a medical documentation specialist and works under the guidance of a U.S. Family Physician. Also, I am a graduate of Botany and Zoology and have completed my Masterā€™s in Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance. Currently, I am perusing a diploma in Nutrition.

3 years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disease) and was started on multiple medications by my doctor. I faced a lot of female issues and was tired of the side effects of those medications as well. I studied about it for months and refused to defend myself on medicines. I cured my PCOD within 5 months with the right diet and exercise /yoga without any medical treatment. I got so much inspired by the power of nature and yoga and decided to help my friends as well who were suffering from similar issues.

1.5 years ago, I got a job in a U.S. Based company on the night shift which increased my challenge of a healthy life. It become very difficult for me to manage my exercise and diet along with the night shift which affected my health a lot. I did some more research and prepared a diet plan and exercise regime for me which helped to keep myself fit.

Most people are not able to achieve their fitness goals due to a lack of correct knowledge. Through my blogs, I want to provide accurate information from trustworthy sources.

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