7 Different best animal milk for human consumption you should know

Milk is rich in nutrients and is produced from the mammary glands of animals. Milk is a rich source of vitamins and proteins which is very beneficial for human consumption. Animals are being used for centuries for milk and dairy products. Let's talk about milk and dairy products produced by different animals in the world and their health benefits.

Do apples strengthen your bones? What is the scientific evidence?

You probably might have heard the term, "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away."But, do you know? "An apple a day keep osteoporosis...

Doctors said stressful situation was the reason behind singer KK heart attack

Doctors said - stressful situation was the reason behind singer KK heart attack. Sadly, Singer K.K. died of a heart attack recently. It was...

5 Amazing ayurvedic benefits of Shankhpushpi for children

Shankhpushphi has been used in India for many years and is well known for its medicinal benefits. Many old ayurvedic books such as Charaka...

4 Side effects of vitamin C serum everyone should know before using it

Vitamin C serums have swiftly gained popularity and are now a crucial component of the majority of people's skincare regimens. Perhaps you've never used vitamin C skincare products before or you've only recently begun. It's wonderful to hear about all the advantages and positive aspects of vitamin C, but are the Side Effects Of Vitamin C serums?

Green mask stick is real or fake? Is it Worth Buying?

Hello readers! You might have seen lots of videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook featuring green mask sticks. In most of the videos, a person applies a layer of the pack on the skin and his scars and blackhead disappear magically. But, Green Mask Stick is Real or Fake? Should you buy it or not? Today, in this blog we will do some scientific review of the Green Mask Stick - along with its side effects and benefits.

Does plastic bottle water cause male infertility? Is it true?

We all use plastic bottles to preserve water and drink water in them every day. But, do you know? It is affecting your hormonal levels. Studies say that plastic water bottle releases some chemicals which seep into the water which interferes with the endocrine system of the body, especially in males and cause erectile dysfunction, increase in estrogen levels in males, gynecomastia (developments of the breast in males), and sometimes infertility.

Scientific analysis of Rubina Dilaik’s diet plan and skincare routine | Big Boss Winner Season 14

Big Boss winner Season 14, (21 February 2021) Rubina Dilaik received lots of love and support from her fans. She gained her popularity through "Choti Bahu" and "Shakti". She is extremely beautiful and gorgeous. Do you want to know Rubina Dilaik's diet plan and skincare secrets? Most of you must have seen her doing yoga and workout during the Bigg Boss Season 14 and might be curious to know her diet and skincare regime. But, do you know how much hard work and self-discipline she put in to keep herself fit and her skin look flawless?

Does a Seaweed skin whitening mask is really effective? I Seaweed face mask review

Seaweed skin whitening face pack videos, showing magical results after application. Nowadays these kinds of videos are getting viral on the internet but the question here arises is that, does it actually work as shown in the videos or it is just another marking scam? Let's find out.

Top 10 health benefits of Apple you should know

Knowing, the benefits of apple will blow your mind! Most of us have probably read the phrase, “ An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Well, this phrase is 100% true. Apple grows on “Malus domestica” or Apple tree. This fruit is enriched with enormous benefits. I am sure you will be shocked to read about the health benefits of Apple. Apple is actually a fruit that is high in demand and is exported across the world.

6 Best brands of apple cider vinegar available on Amazon in 2021

I am sure you will be shocked to know that apple cider vinegar is an ancient remedy for a lot of health problems. Apple cider vinegar was used by ancient Greeks around 400 B.C, Hippocrates (the Father of modern medicine prescribed apple cider vinegar with honey to cure illness.

Top 10 enormous and mind-blowing benefits of honey and best brands available in the market

Honey is one of nature’s most remarkable gifts which has enormous benefits and is mind-blowing. It is a sweet and viscous food substance made by honey bees and some insects. It is produced by bees by the sugary secretion of flower nectar or from secretions of other insects. Honey is stored in the honeycomb of honey bees.

10 Best indoor plants to absorb poisonous chemicals present in your house

"Health is not limited to what we eat, the air we breathe also matters." As we all know that in this covid situation we are spending most of our time inside the home. But, do you know? that the air quality inside your house is actually polluted. Inhaling this polluted air results in many chronic diseases, especially in children.

What are Dopamine detox and dopamine diet? Is it the best method to lose weight?

Dopamine is basically a chemical messenger or a neurotransmitter that is produced in the brain by the hypothalamus. It is released when we do an activity that we feel pleasurable. Our brain release more dopamine when we put more focus on pleasurable activates. Have you have given a thought – why you enjoy watching a movie (thriller, romantic, or comedy) and never get bored of it, hanging out with friends, watching a cricket or baseball match?.

Achieve your fitness goals faster by knowing your ayurvedic body type

Do you know what's your ayurvedic body type? or Have you ever wondered that why all the individuals differ from each other? Why some people are short-tempered, some are calm, some can gain weight easily while few people struggle throughout their life to gain some pounds. Ayurveda explained the reason behind these questions.